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Alex Bioli & Fabrizio Baldoni - Birth Of Life [eyeL-053]

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Alex Bioli & Fabrizio Baldoni - Birth Of Life [EYEL-053]

Brazilian Smile
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Birth Of Life


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Alex Bioli & Fabrizio Baldoni Birth Of Life [EYEL-053]

What happens when two music Masters join forces?
This is the result, an excellent 5 tracks ep containing some fine music reflections of Jazz moods.



Alex Bioli & Fabrizio Baldoni


Alex Bioli, is a musician and composer very active internationally with the quartet bearing his name.
Alex has released two Albums, so far, one almost entirely written by himself with the exception of two songs originally performed by the italian famous singer Mina and bythe famous jazz bassist Stefano Cerri (RIP). The second Album is fully influenced by the classic standards of the cultural revolution, from John Coltrane to Cole Porter, from ballads and swings to bebop. The new works make him play with leading roles in clubs and festivals with the most famous italian jazz artists. Milestone in Piacenza, Biella Jazz Club, Art Blakey jazz club, Gallarate Jazz Festival and Locarno Music Festival, just to name some. Alex has been studying jazz with masters Marco Conti, Gilberto Tarocco and Mirko Roccato for Sax and Jazz Harmony and at the CTA in Milano for acting and singing in the late 80's. In the 90's Alex participates to various TV shows, wins the prestigious Rino Gaetano composer's prize and joins on stage and in Tv shows all over Europe, as Sax player and chorist singer, the famous italian singer Gianna Nannini appearing also in some of her videoclips. Lately Alex has developed a sound in between Classic jazz and acid jazz, where the melodic part is mixed with harmonies studied during the years. The themes become "songs" living in the research of a more deep and personal sound.

Fabrizio Baldoni, is a musician and composer who has been working as a protagonist for 30 years wherever there was music in Italy and around the world. As a producer, composer and arranger he has sold more than 20 million records so far  working with international artists such as Laura Pausini, Sergio Dalma, Finzy Kontini, Mohicans, Cristina D'Avena, etc.. and producing/composing hundreds of soundtracks for Advertisements in Italy and around the world for important brands such Coca Cola, Fanta, Nescafè, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ferrero, Kinder, Tim, Telecom, etc... In addition to the gold and platinum records he has  been awarded with the Jasrac award 1988 in Japan and ASCAP awards 1998 in USA.
Fabrizio has composed the movie soundtrack for  Johan Padan a la descoverta de le Americhe ( Venezia Film Festival 2002) and many short films in cooperation with important italian Production Companies. Fabrizio and Alex know  each other from 15 years and have collaborated many times but Birth of Life is their first project together as protagonist.


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